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Customized alarm message content
GPRS, SMS at the same time
IO ports: 7 DI, 4 AI, 4 DO, 2 TE
Support wireless and wired sensor
Built-in lithium battery
Support for camera capture
Famer management platform
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM (Fixed Asset Monitoring) is an enhanced GPRS/SMS messenger (GPRS or CDMA service optional) which integrated with I/O port, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Relay, Sensor functions, it has more I/O ports than ET8610, and support wireless sensor which can help people to security monitoring, control, SMS alarm the remote area.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM main application filed is home security, power grid automatization, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, finance, Basic Environment protecting, colliery, Oil field etc, especially, apply in security, remote control. Implement transparent data transmission over GPRS/SMS network.

2. Feature

·           More I/O ports

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM provides 7 DI, 4 AI, 4 DO, 2 TE ports, it provides more I/O ports than ET8610, and compatible for more I/O sensors.

·           Support Wireless Sensor

ET8611 GPRS / SMS FAM supports RF wireless sensors, connected through RF433.92Mhz frequency with wireless sensors,20-way wireless zones, support 60 wireless sensors, and real-time monitoring of the state of the sensor, when the sensor battery is low or disconnect the connection, tamper switch, FAM will send alarm information.

·           Industrial Design

GPRS/SMS FAM is industrial design which built-in watchdog chipset to ensure the system work continuously, Watchdog monitoring the GSM module and CPU all the time, if the GSM module or CPU does not response for long time, FAM will restart automatically. FAM is very suitable for long-term continuous work applications.

·           Transparent data transmission

GPRS/SMS FAM provides full transparent data transmission channel through RS232 interface it use for connect different types of PLC, RTU which extend the scope of FAM application, and better services for users.

·           Main and backup data center

GPRS/SMS FAM support main and backup data center, user can set both main data center ip address or domain name, when FAM fail to connect with main data center, it will try to connect backup data center automatically.

·           Embedded Li-battery and Temperature sensor

GPRS/SMS FAM built-in 1000mA Lithium battery, it can work for 6 hours if the external power supply cut off. Also, FAM will send alarm message to notify the user that the external power supply was cut off. the built-in temperature sensor can real-time monitoring of environment temperature, FAM also support t external digital temperature sensor that monitor user’s device surface temperature, when the temperature lower or higher than the specified value, FAM will send alarm message, when the temperature returned to normal, FAM will send notice message to user also.

·           User-define alarm SMS

ET8611 FAM GPRS/SMS support User-define alarm SMS, according to alarm port status, FAM will choose the user pre-stored content, and send to user mobile phone by SMS, it’s easy for user to read alarm message.

·           I/O status Buffer

ET8611 FAM has NVRAM buffer to save the I/O status data during GPRS/SMS tunnel problem, when the GPRS/SMS tunnel return to normal, FAM will send buffer all data immediately, due to use NVRAM, even Power lose, the buffer data will still save.

·           Ring and SMS alarm

FAM support ring and SMS to send alarm message, when the alarm happen, FAM will start ring for 10 seconds, and then send alarm SMS to users. Users also can remote setting and control FAM by SMS.

·           SMS receipt

To ensure user receive the alarm messages, user can set the alarm SMS resend frequency, unless the alarm clear or receive ACK message receipt from user phone, FAM will repeat to send alarm SMS by Specified frequency and interval.

·           Alarm clear message

All of FAM I/O port can be set the alarm clear message, when the port alarm status clear, FAM will send alarm clear SMS to notice user.

·           Regularly report the I/O status

ET8611 FAM support auto send I/O port status by specified time, after user set the time, FAM will send the port status on specified time daily.

·           DO port programmable output

FAM DO (digital output) port supports programmable output, according to the requirement of user site, the level of output level, switching time, times would be programmable.

·           Zone type

FAM DI ports support zone type setting which can be set to as common zone, delay zone, intelligent zone, emergency zone, home zone, according to the user site conditions and sensor type, set the correct zone type to prevent false alarm, missing alarm.

·           Alarm Trigger Duration

According to part of the sensor (such as: float level sensor, temperature sensor, voltage sensor, etc.) under certain conditions, wandering in the alarm and alarm clear status, and occur false alarm, repeated alarm. FAM alarm controller DI, AI, TE interface supports trigger duration function, the user can enter the specified port trigger duration, when the port state to the alarm value and after specified period, then trigger alarm.

·           GPRS SMS work at the same time

FAM communication through GPRS to data center, at the same time, FAM also can occur SMS to the user's mobile phone, so that’s insuring the user receive the alarm message via GPRS and SMS.

·           SMS password, RFID TAG, Keypad password, Fingerprint Authentication, Timing Arm/Disarm

FAM support multiple Arm/Disarm function, it can perform a specified time every day to Arm/Disarm; FAM also support any mobile phone number via a password to Arm/Disarm; RFID TAG way to Arm/Disarm; Fingerprint authentication to Arm/disarm. After the instruction is executed successfully, FAM will send the Arm/Disarm information to the administrator phone as well.

·           Camera capture picture

FAM provides the interface to connect with camera, real-time remote image capture, with the FAM IO ports trigger function, real-time capture images when an alarm is generated, and sent to the data center; FAM can be set to a fixed time interval for continuous capture images as well.

·           Micro SD slot (TF Slot)

FAM provide Micro SD Slot (slot TF slot) that is used to store camera photo/alarm log/arm disarm log data, when the alarm generated, FAM can receive the photo data from the camera and store into the Micro SD card, then sent to the data center via the GPRS network, it overcome the instability GPRS network transmission of large data, and ensure the photos never lost.

·           USSD calls fee inquiry, AGPS base station location

FAM supports USSD way to check SIM card calls fee and inquiries AGPS base station positioning. through AT commands, we can check SIM card calls fee, and recharger SIM card on time to prevent arrears that affect the normal operation; also, we can use AT command to check base station code, it is able to locate the position of the device.

·           LED indicator to display Arm and Disarm

FAM DO port can be connected to 12V dual color LED lights, and displays the current Arm and Disarm status. Red indicates the FAM is ARM status, Green indicates FAM is Disarm status.

·           MODBUS Protocol programmable output

FAM provides storage and forwarding the command functions of the MODBUS protocol, users can pre-save the common command to FAM, and FAM will send the command PLC/RTU via RS232/485 port by the specified time interval automatically.

·           Clock synchronization

FAM support clock synchronization; it can read the clock from SMS or get clock from management platform by GPRS.

·           Cell phone and PC be Data service center

GPRS/SMS FAM supports cell phone and PC server to be data service center, if PC to be service center, please use eTel FAM management platform software, it supports SQL data base, Google map etc. it can monitor thousands FAM via GPRS; if the stations exceeds 500 points, we suggest use FAM management platform.

·           Graphical configuration software

ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM provide full graphical software configuration, easy to use, and supports import or export configuration file; so users just simply click a few icons to quickly setup FAM system.

·           Worldwide applications

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM has broad range of applications; it can be used in industrial remote monitoring, security, meteorology, environmental protection, water conservancy, electric power industries.
To more suitable of industrial M2M applications, eTel can quickly modify the software and hardware according to customer requirements.