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4 Channel D1 at real time
Built-in GPS for location tracking
Support route playback
Built-in 3G for live view/management
H.264 video compression
Supports Hard disk for recording
Power lose/Low Voltage protection
MDVR Cloud Monitoring Platform
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1. General

MDVR-X3A-4CH is a functional Mobile Digital Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It supports not only video recording in CIF, HD1 or D1 formats but also vehicle travel information recording and wireless data upload. With center software it also achieves alarm linkage central monitoring, remote management and playback analysis. It is easy to use with simple design, multi-functions, superior anti-vibration, flexible installation and high reliability.

2. Feature

- Total resources: 4 channels D1 at real time(100fps/ 120fps) 
- Built-in GPS for location tracking
- Built-in 3G for live view and remote management 
- H.264 video compression
- Patented FS 3.0 file system for data reliability and data recovery
- Supports 2.5” up to 1TB SATA HDD storage
- Built-in capacitor provides MDVR with enough time to pack the files to avoid any video files loss when the external power is cut off suddenly 
- Pre-recording maximum 60 minutes
- Low voltage protection