FAM1132 Wireless PIR Motion Ceiling Detector
Connect to eTel FAM Series
433Mhz RF Wireless
Wall/Ceiling/corner installation
Looking down: 110 degrees, 360 degree
mounting height: from 2.8 to 4 meter
Low battery alarm
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1. General

FAM1132 wireless dual infrared ceiling detector, has a unique, ultra-thin design, elegant styling with embellishment functional interiors. Ceiling installation, you can reduce the considerable procedural indoor items blocked to prevent the region.

360-degree ceiling passive mobile penetration test enhanced the ability of anti-white light interference, basically relieved false positives, and the full range of looks down angle of 110 degrees, the maximum installation height up to 4 meter. The product comes with a unique ID, signal capture ability, false positives, false negative rate is low, low power consumption and true temperature compensation. Use of advanced signal analysis and processing technologies, and provides high detection and false alarm immunity performance. When the intruder through the detection zone, the detector will automatically detect the body's activities in the region. Subject to dynamic mobile phenomenon, it send alarm signals to the control of the host. The product is suitable for a family residential area, real estate villas, factories, shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings and other places of safety precautions.

using U.S. imports infrared sensors, signal detection, acquisition, use of advanced temperature compensation technology, micro-current technology, work stable and reliable performance, according to the different needs of users, change the time interval of the detector. Under normal use, a 3volt battery can be used for more than eighteen months.