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FAM1310 Water Pressure Sensor
Pressure Range:  -45~650PSI
Pressure deviation:  ± 3~30PSI
Alarm output NO/NC
Work Life: ≥100,000 Cycles
Stainless steel pressure sensor 
Pneumatic high precision
Long working life
High sealing
  • Function
  • Specifications
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1. Feature

1. small, install convenient, mulite interface
2. Switch electrical contacts and long working life (100,000 times), SPST, SPDT contacts types available to the user any choice.
3, stainless steel pressure sensor is reliable, high precision air pressure, long cycle life (100,000 times), using international advanced welding process equipment, superior sealing performance, less than one percent of the leak.
4. Working pressure can be manufactured according to requirements of users (20inHgv ~ 650PSI/50cmHgv ~ 4.5Mpa).

2. Specification

Pressure Range:  -45~650PSI ,-0.30~4.50MPa
Pressure deviation:  ± 3~30PSI,± 0.02~0.20MPa 
Max Pressure: PCH Series: ≤ 700PSI,PCH Series : ≤ 4.8MPa,PCL Series ≤ 300PSI,PCL Series : ≤ 2.1MP  No leakage on Max Pressure for 2 minutes
Maximum burst pressure: PCH Series ≤ 5500PSI,PCH Series : ≤ 38MPa,PCL Series ≤ 3000 PSI,PCL Series : ≤ 20.5MP  No Burst on Max burst pressure for 2 minutes
Operating temperature: Environment Temperature : -40~85℃, Medium temperature : -50~125℃
Power: 56/60Hz,36VDC,,6A
24--------125VA pilot duty
120-------375VA pilot duty
240-------375VA pilot duty
Dielectric strength
AC 700VRMS Open switch
1500VRMS Terminals fitting
Contact pressure : AC 700V   Lasted for 1 minute without breakdown and flashover
Insulation : AC 1800V   Lasted for 1 minute without breakdown and flashover
Insulation resistance : ≥500MΩ (500VDC)
Contact resistance : ≤20mΩ
Work Life : ≥100,000 Cycles