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GPS1010 Vehicle Power Protector
Connect to eTel FAM Series
protect Overvoltage vehicle electronic 
High impact protection engine start 
No action voltage: less than 15V 
Disconnect voltage: greater than 17V 
Maximum Dielectric strength: 120V 
Microsecond speed disconnect power 
Connect Reader Power interface
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

GPS2010 Vehicle Power protector using electronic source devices design, protection voltage can precise control, applies on 12-24V car power and on other car equipment of protection, it can be microseconds level speed cut car throwing load produced of hundred V high-pressure big current, completely solution breakdown power that big range burned car electronic equipment of general problem, welcomes and car electronic equipment manufacturers supporting, on up protection voltage, anti-electric strength and output power can by requirements custom,, to adapted different resistance pressure grade of car equipment

2. Specifications

·         Model: GPS1010-10A

·         Input Voltage: 12-24V

·         Output Voltage: 12-24V

·         Output current: more than 5A

·         None action voltage: 12V battery more than 15V, 24V battery more than 31V

·         Disconnect voltage:: 12V battery more than 17V,24Vmore than 34V

·         Consumption: 5A output as <1W

·         Maximum dielectric strength: 120V

·         Overall dimensions: 37X23X12mm

·         Models: 12V and 24V vehicle

·         Applications: on-board power supply, and overvoltage protection of vehicle-borne electronic equipment · Customization: according to exacting the maximum dielectric strength voltage, output current, and individually tailored