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FAM2180 IP Camera
IP network data transmission
Support Wifi/Ethernet ports
Real-time Video
PIX: 0.3M pix
Support DDNS
Video format: MJPEG
Support P.T.Z.
Support IR
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM2180 IP network camera is suitable for a variety of embedded video acquisition system, support dynamic domain name. Such as: remote monitoring, vehicle monitoring, video doorbell, digital image recording, industrial control, security and other fields, embedded SD card for video storage, and through the wireless WIFI or Ethernet network to real-time transmission the video  data, implement video capture, uploaded regularly, alarm trigger other functions. it can work with eTel FAM series product, when alarm occur, FAM can trigger IP camera to record the real-time video stored on local SD card and sent video to monitoring center through IP network, user can monitor the video in real time by the management platform software or browser .

2. Specifications


·         Support 3 video format: VGA(640x480)、QVGA(320x240)、QQVGA(160x120);

·         Pix: 0.3M Pix (Option 1.3M pix, 3M pix, 5M pix)

·         Minimum illumination: 1 LUX

·         Lens: 3.6 MM infrared

·         Debounce: Support


·         Video compression format: MJPEG

·         Maximum frame rate: 30 frames / sec

·         Bit rate: 128kbps-5Mbps

·         OSD: Support

·         Audio compression format: ADPC



·         Other protocol: 802.11b/g


·         Horizontal angle: 270°

·         Vertical angle: 90°


·         Automatic white balance correction, exposure, gain, color, noise control;

·         Automatic gamma correction, dynamic zoom, edge anti-aliasing;

·         Serial output resolution, variable compression ratio of the standard JPG file;

·         VGA format different compression ratio of JPEG image size 60KB ~ 15KB;

·         Move Alarm: Support motion detection - screen objects move immediately start recording, alarm recording upload to the specified server.

Night View

·         Night vision illumination open: 5Lux

·         Night vision images: black-and-white image

·         Night Vision Distance: 5 meters to 10 meters

·         Lighting control: automatic control through the light resistor


·         Communication Interface: Ethernet, WIFI

·         Video control: support

·         Two-way voice: Support

·         Alarm action: FTP / sent to the alarm server information

·         Operating environment: outdoor (waterproof)

·         Lead Length: 5 meters standard (extended)

·         DC 5V

·         Dimensions: 100mm (L) * 99mm (W) * 118mm (H)

·         Operating temperature range: -20 to 70 ° C

·         Operating Current: less than 90mA (Infrared LED On 300mA)