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FAM2110 Waterproof IR Camera
Connect to eTel FAM Series
Waterproof IR metal case
GPRS data transmission
Pix: 0.3M pix
Alarm trigger for photograph
JPEG picture size: 15~60KB
Timing for photograph
DV12 power supply
  • Function
  • Specifications
  • Typical applications

1. General

FAM2110 Waterproof IR camera has a waterproof metal case; built-in snapshot, JPEG compression function. It’s suitable for embedded image acquisition system, such as: remote monitoring, vehicle monitoring, video telephony, digital image recording, industrial control, security and other fields. With eTel FAM series products through GPRS network, it can real-time transmission of images, image capture, uploaded regularly, alarm trigger; base on FAM management platform software, client just use browser to real-time monitoring remote images, historical image etc.

2. Specifications


·         Support multiple picture format:VGA(640x480)、QVGA(320x240)、QQVGA(160x120)

·         Pixels: 30W (Option: 130W, 300W, 500W)

·         Minimum lumen: 1 LUX

·         Focal Length: 3.6mm/2.8mm/6mm for selection

·         Angle of View: 90°/120°/45° for selection

·         Automatic white balance correction, exposure, gain, color, noise control

·         Automatic gamma correction, dynamic scaling, edge antialiasing

·         Serial output different resolutions, variable compression ratio of the standard JPG files

·         VGA format with different compression ratio of JPEG image size between 60KB ~ 15KB


Night Vision

·         Night Vision lumen: 5Lux

·         Night Vision Image: Black-White Image

·         Night Vision Distance: 3~10M

·         Waterproof standard: IP67

·         Cable Length: 5 meter(Be extended)



·         DC 5V or 12V power supply

·         Size: 69.5x58.5mm

·         Temperature: -20~85℃

·         Working Current: 90mA (IR 300mA);