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Campus Security Alarm Solution

1. General

Famer Cloud management platform introduction

Platform section divided into two systems, one center platform, it place one police center or large local security company; another part of the sub-platform, which is the platform of the client, the client platform is built on the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, police stations, education authorities and other departments.

Total platform is the core of the operation, is the highest alarm and management operations hub, the city of all sub-platform networking, all this central the total platform network data and video transmission must be unobstructed, otherwise, the lower sub-platform cannot be from here read data and upload issued.

Sub-platform does not have its own database, all data is retained in the total platform. Each sub-platform is a computer with Internet PC, computer, installation similar to the platform operator client software can be networked partition sub-rights management. For example, University Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing police station to install the client (sub-platform), then this sub-platform can only see the police station area each school site and alarm, do not pop the areas under the jurisdiction of any alarm information and interface. Similarly, the security room of the police station under the school must also be installed on this client terminal platform, so, all schools in the district police station under the A school can only see the A school, school B only can see the B schools situation, and so on. Of course, the Department of Education and other government departments can be opened at any level permission, login access to schools and departments on duty at any time.

Such a platform is a lot of cost savings, but also for centralized management and decentralized management, the grading and unified, comprehensive and accurate to at various points, each school and the district police station control their own affairs, superior glance at any time to the overall situation, with particular emphasis : as long as the total platform, any time, any school not need to fill plus a penny, a free Internet PC, attached the eTel Famer platform management software, you can start networking riot security of the school projects.

FAM controller introduction

Terminal portion divided into two systems, one is the security of the perimeter of the school walls and fences outside and toilet, playground and public areas; another part of the security within the classroom.

Around the school's financial condition, it can be used to select the ET8611 alarm controller terminal.

Campus security main terminal system:

Ÿ   Fence perimeter protection system

Products: the bottom of the seal can be installed in easily flooded low-lying wet areas.

CPU microprocessor digital control technology, stable performance.

The original three-dimensional installation adjustment mechanism to ensure that the products in the best condition.

Special optical structure with automatic gain circuit to adapt to harsh weather.

LED the calibration status indicator, more intuitive debugging calibration.

Aluminum frame, strong and durable.

Tamper, anti-the trimming function design, effectively prevent all kinds of damage.

Applies to schools, intelligent buildings, residential villas, military installations, factories hospitals, river fish ponds, pitch range, wharves, prison farm, the territory of the airport and other large perimeter.

Installation: It is recommended in the wall every 50 meters to install a pair to ensure that the zone is broken down, so, arrest the criminals jumped over the wall into the room to achieve targeted. Products at both wired and wireless, cable needs alignment, high stability and can prevent co-channel interference; wireless distance, generally need to load special fired power FM wireless module and circuit, which can ensure the smooth passage in the entire campus to send an alarm signal to the security room host, and the host corresponding to show someone climb which paragraph walls. The middle of the building, an AM 433MHZ module is difficult to be qualified for such a long-distance signal transmission.

Ÿ   Bathroom, individual offices, classrooms, such as the use of the emergency button

Products: embedded button to prevent false positives can carry can also be mounted on the wall to move around, for 24 hours to send emergency signals.

Product parameters: Power 12V23A-type batteries a maximum transmission distance of 100 meters, the quiescent current ≤ 1uA emission current ≤ 8mA.

Ÿ   DVR video record

Products: M-PEG4 compression format, the Line Color 420 -480 line.

Standard 6MM lens visual distance of 8 meters. Viewing angle of 92 degrees. D1 Resolution Image, Remote / local monitoring, remote / local real-time video, Snapshot, Multi-recording method, loop recording, and support for people watching, support IE browser, multi-function decoder, as one of the low-speed infrared ball head. Remotely on a web page using the mouse control PTZ up, down, left and right rotation. Minimize the connection of the system components, the installation process. Greatly improving the reliability of the system is very easy to install, simple to maintain.

2. Feature

Ÿ   ET8611 FAM Controller

A: set the alarm to call the phone, you can add a 120-decibel alarm, networking and the Famer cloud platform.

B: selectable alarm host to send group SMS.

C: disarm remotely via SMS cloth.

D: Cell Phone Lookup remote photos.

E: external 16-channel camera.

F: Built-in backup rechargeable lithium battery.

Ÿ   Teachers carrying the remote control

The remote control is used to host arm, disarm, emergency, infrared alone disarm.

Ÿ   Campus around the use of ultra-long-range infrared night vision constant speed ball

Products: IR distance of 200 meters, 24 Piranha headlights, built-in 27 times the one machine. Night vision distance of 85-100 meters above. The mechanical part of all the metal structure, copper gear. Fully modular structure, flexible and disassembly, around 355 degree rotation, 90 degrees up and down. Camera and infrared light positions across the optical system design, no reflections at night.

Ÿ   School Center Plaza emergency evacuation of high-decibel siren and voice speaker Products

Wired / wireless sound and light alarm: In order to meet the special requirements of the users of the loudness of the alarm and the alarm location, the host, especially the external alarm interface. Direct access to the host side for wired sound and light alarm, alarm jack.

Wireless sound and light alarm: wireless sound and light alarm, comes with the adapter, can host supporting the use, can also be supporting the probe. Supporting the use of the host, they host a wireless connection, can be installed on the interior of the host reception range. When the probe supporting the use of self-contained, when it receives the alarm signal sent from the probe at the scene. The sounds consistent with the sounds and host information ringers.