RFID mine personnel positioning solution

1. Introduction

At present, China's coal production there are many hidden dangers, the communication between the ground and underground information is not timely, the ground difficult time dynamic control of underground distribution and operations in the event of an accident, disaster relief, low efficiency of safety rescue, ambulance effects poor. Accurate, real-time, rapid implementation of coal mine safety monitoring functions to ensure the efficient operation of disaster relief, security, ambulance, and correctly handle the relationship between safety and production safety and effectiveness, and reach the national production safety can be achieved through the implementation of RFID technology in underground requirements.

Mine personnel management system is a computer hardware and software, data acquisition, data transmission, automation and control technology as one of the automatic identification products, the product through the tunnel moving target, non-contact distance automatic data acquisition, processing, automatic identification of people, vehicles, material and other mobile or stationary state, multi-disciplinary applications for coal mine managers with access restrictions, attendance operations, monitoring and control, and many other management information. Summarized as follows:

coal mine personnel management system can achieve an accurate reading of the target  

Underground bus and Inoue network, form a networking system  

Software, personnel monitoring, statistical analysis, query and other management functions  

monitoring and mine digital information  

Go down the emergency rescue, accident investigation and safety management   

Mine digital information

The system has the explosion-proof safety design system, the role of distance, can be based on the identification of need to adjust the system, identify blind spots, signal penetrating power, high-performance security, electromagnetic pollution on the human body, environmental adaptability, and at the same time identify many of the goals, and easy network connectivity and performance benefits.  

This product combines the characteristics of the coal mine production safety and the characteristics of the RFID technology, design and manufacturing for coal use and smart positioning equipment with independent intellectual property through its own technical strength. This new information collection, storage, transmission and processing technology, has rapidly been widespread concern in the domestic and foreign counterparts, the positioning of underground coal mine personnel tracking and management has important practical significance.

  Constitute the entire product from the underground data acquisition system and ground safety monitoring and management system.


2. Main Function

Sub-station by the underground card reader and mining of underground data acquisition system composed of two parts Active identification card, has the following characteristics:

Ÿ   object with RF safety card into the reader sub-station monitoring within that are automatically recognize and read

Ÿ   long-range, multi-card at the same time, fully automatically read

Ÿ   This system has accurate real-time positioning, tracking and locating targets accurately

Ÿ   Underground reader sub-stations can be networked to form multi-point monitoring system and to locate

Ÿ   The underground reader sub-station:

Ÿ   overall placed in explosion-proof shell

Ÿ   read by ET7241 active 2.45G RFID reader implementation

Ÿ   data filtering through the control system, storage, forwarding, communication, networking

Ÿ   Ethernet interface

Ÿ   Underground reader sub-stations can be networked to form multi-point monitoring system and to locate

Mining active identification card:

Ÿ   ID mode

Ÿ   confidentiality

Ÿ   unique

Ÿ   Active 2.45G RFID the TAG

Sub-station underground reader installed in all monitoring points, when the active identification card carrying mine underground staff to enter the scope of monitoring, the system automatically recognizes the personnel information, while real-time data transmission to the ground safety monitoring center, in the event of an accident The system can immediately know the work surface trapped the last number of their location and time, to ensure the efficient operation of the rescue and safety of ambulance work.

Mine personnel management system

Coverage of the whole well

Real-time positioning, dynamic track playback

In the blind spot and the complexity of the lot to increase the collection point to extend the collection distance

Reader distance, reduce the user cost