RFID security retroactive drugs


RFID non-touch radio frequency identification technology to establish a pharmaceutical supply chain, anti-counterfeit tracking system can achieve real-time tracking and monitoring of drugs in the production, circulation, distribution and retail sectors. RFID anti-counterfeiting retroactive to break through the traditional security thinking, to take new initiatives. Critical data for a specific supply chain can be traced: from drugs factory, the RFID label on the drug packaging, became a drug an integral part of RFID tags to carry all the information of RFID for security principle in an anti the commodity identification number (ID) of the security code (via hardware or software algorithms to encrypt the retrospective and management) through the system management platform, subsequently experienced from the drugs supply chain process, and finally reach the retailer or hospital patients.

The pharmaceutical industry is now facing the problem of the proliferation of counterfeit drugs, medicine and related health and safety of life of millions of patients, not the slightest mistakes. It can be driven in the interests of some criminals, counterfeiting of medicines, would threaten the safety of human life when the consumer is taking. Combined with social medical treatment is difficult, and the health care system is not perfect and so social problems, the manufacture and sale of counterfeit drugs is even worse. Anti-counterfeiting of drugs, although a variety of techniques, but for now appears a serious problem or a proposition. Identify anti-counterfeiting traceability system using RFID technology, will help pharmaceutical companies to fully monitoring the entire process of production to the shelves to avoid the occurrence of counterfeit drugs to fish.


2. Main Function

1) The whole process of centralized management

The counterfeiting retrospective management system is the intelligent management system based on RFID technology, a complete platform of drugs production, warehousing, logistics, final sales, RFID tags, the whole process of carrying this information, convenient data acquisition converge The management system server center, on the number of the management system to track drugs, summary statistics queries, information analysis, integrated business management of the entire process of print statements.

2) Effective to enhance the regulatory standards of the relevant departments

Because of the lack of basic information, a lot of regulatory work in the field of pharmaceutical distribution can only stay in the post regulatory levels. Time when consumers suspect that the genuineness of drugs, the relevant regulatory authorities to verify verification, regulatory authorities only need to set up an RFID reader can read information verify drug authenticity and a range of information, the use of RFID technology, you can do things to advance prevention, supervision, and effective unified post-processing to achieve full coverage of the regulatory work.

3) Real-time tracking, monitoring

The eTel ET7000 series of RFID readers can be connected via GPRS or network server, the tracking and monitoring production, warehousing, logistics, and ultimately sales, are equally effective in the record. Timely grasp of the whole process, clear the whole chain dynamics, pharmaceutical manufacturers can be based on statistical data in a timely manner are prepared to select the adjustment can be targeted management. Real-time information delivery and management.

4) Efficient security

RFID tags are the drugs ID card, commodity identification number (ID) of the security code (via software or hardware algorithm for encryption) to write the RFID chip, this ID in the production, storage only. In order to prevent lawless elements forged tampering, you can write an ID associated with covert identification of the RFID tags used to identify the uniqueness of the verification process. RFID tag identification ID is read-only cannot be changed, assign read permissions to the reader.

5, the automated data acquisition

Warehousing and logistics chain, including the eventual disposal, although the number of times you want to gather information, but the use of the RFID reader can be non-contact long-distance automatic identification, in order to carry out efficient data collection. Reduce labor statistics, the query complexity; traditional data acquisition is still stuck in the manual records and computer management. The RFID reader antenna sends out a certain frequency RF signals, when the tag enters the magnetic field induced current in order to obtain energy, sending out its own coding and other information sent to the host computer to carry out the treatment the reader to read and decode .

6, regulate the market and improve the trust

Pharmaceutical market is very confusing, if the promotion of RFID tags in pharmaceutical companies, drug companies will improve the enterprise's information management capabilities, to enhance the industry water products, an opportunity not to lawless elements to increase the competitiveness of enterprises force to enhance the reputation and image is very helpful, I believe RFID technology will be widely used in the industry.