RFID Intelligent Vehicle Management System

1.    Introduction:

System background:

Information technology is an urgent need for the development of modern logistics industry and an important symbol. Logistics and yard management as part of the logistics and public information systems, modern logistics, a critical step is to vehicles in the yard and out of management, credit management on this basis. This requires that all yard construction of automated vehicle identification system to realize vehicle members of management, out of the yard the process of identification and credit management.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, has been widely applied in the field of vehicle identification management can be achieved quickly and accurately identify the vehicle information, transmission and processing, greatly accelerate the efficiency of the management.

System objectives:

Long-distance ET7901 UHF RFID identification management system installed in the logistics base, to achieve the following objectives:

Reduce system capital investment

Existing preliminary understanding of the gateway control interface as much as possible to retain the existing Barrier access control equipment.

Standardize logistics yard vehicle management

The application of the RFID vehicle management system, and out of the yard vehicle specification and strict management, improve vehicle door efficiency, while reducing the logistics yard loss due to pass borrowed deck.

Automatic identification of container trucks, electronic license.

Fixed card use, to ensure that a car and put an end to an imposter.

The use of the temporary card making the system more flexible which for temporary vehicle access management.

In the import and export location to install a fixed read-write device, equipped with a desktop card issuers to facilitate the management of the temporary card vehicle entry and exit; establishment of a specialized card-issuing window of fixed card issuing, Post card management and harmonization of the vehicle.

Secure system design process, to prevent irrelevant and illegal vehicles.

Reasonable stability and reliability of design, can effectively avoid the interference of adjacent channel interference, and front and rear; industry-standard design products that can adapt to inclement weather such as rain, snow and high and low temperature.

System Architecture

Yard RFID vehicle identification system as the core of the controller, connect the reader to sense detector, Gateway, automatic identification of the vehicle information and the automatic and manual control of the Barrier.


2. Main Function

• Automatic identification

This paste on the long-term vehicle windshield fixed RFID cards, automatic identification of effective vehicles. The stability of the fixed RFID card recognition distance of about 8 meters (depending on the actual circumstances) can be achieved without stopping to scoot in and out.

• Automatic switch gate

System identification to effective RFID card on the vehicle, automatically turn on the Barrier, after the passage of the vehicle, the Barrier automatically drop rod.

• Fixed card and temporary card management

Apply for each card trouble in order to reduce the out of the parking lot at once to the long-term users (or so-called long-term vehicle) issued a fixed RFID card. The card affixed to the vehicle windshield, the anti-tamper function, effectively put an end to the pass to borrow, decks and other malicious phenomenon.

In order to facilitate the management of temporary out of yard vehicles, enter the temporary user of the system to each issuance of a temporary RFID card to go and recycling, so as to achieve the flexibility to manage a variety of vehicles.

• The card issuer management

Dedicated card dispenser on the legality of the vehicle card, card type, expiration date, configure, and the vehicle license plate, driver identification-one correspondence, to facilitate future inquiries.

System to set up a card-issuing window, and each equipped with a card-issuing temporary vehicle access, making it easy to manage fixed cards and temporary.

• The card issuing and recycling

Managed through the issuing temporary cards can be achieved on a time charge, fixed card package on time or in the form of monthly charges.

• The software features

Through the upgrade of existing software, you can make the RFID system front-end vehicles collected information access system, and to achieve the following functions:

Real-time display the in and out of the vehicle information.

The legality of the RFID card, card type, expiration date, judge, and the calculation of the amount charged.

Powerful query and reporting features: vehicle access query within a certain period of time, inside the vehicle and other information.