RFID positioning system in the prison administrati

1.    Introduction

With the development of economic life and prosperity, public security, the task of the judiciary to maintain social order and crack down on criminal increasingly severe, a variety of monitoring places of detention, received teaching continued unabated, the number of the criminals who are of compulsory drug addiction rehabilitation, and how the new form means of technological innovation to improve prison management model to adapt to the needs of the real struggle is becoming the urgent needs of the judiciary. At present, whether public security or information system of the judiciary is confined to information processing, information collection is still simply rely on the hand work input, information systems and detainees cannot really associate in the supervision of places such a special environment where the use of a safe, reliable automatic identification system to distinguish, identify, track and locate people in custody and contact information of each person in the information system and the reality of each individual dynamic, so as to give full play to the regulation of workplace information systems role.

This system, regardless of their prison or outside prison, can be real-time location of the identification and tracking positioning prison police officers, prisoners. By requiring each officer to wear a small wireless tags, the label information is stored in the system positioning device, to the prisoners, respectively, identify the management, tracking and positioning, the positioning accuracy can be reflected through the detention room number. RFID inmate tracking real-time positioning system, you can greatly reduce the difficulty of prison guards work to reduce the work misleading to enhance the level of modern management of prisons, prison security and the ability to protect themselves, the true sense of the prison administration to technology to police force to efficiency, security of information, intelligence mechanism, the implementation of the principle of "police training" in the true sense, a profound reform of the prison administration work.

Criminals / criminal suspects wireless wristband identification is based on the latest active RFID automatic identification technology, active wrist strap with the reader in the 2.45G band by the electric field for data exchange, system design wristbands way transmission The reader is responsible for receiving the signal transmission is the most simple, efficient identification of prisoners, category management, tracking and positioning, eliminating human error and unnecessary confusion, greatly reducing the workload of the guards, improve work efficiency. Law enforcement departments in the developed countries in Europe and the United States began soon uses this technology.

1, the basic identification
  The basic recognition is the basic functions of the prisoners wireless wristband with information management software to many and greater mobility place great significance for the number of managed objects. Traditional the prisoners registration card or registration card, personal professional prisoners wireless wristband from the inmates to wear, photos and other information can be included in the built-in chip in the wireless wristband. In the prison of any place, any process can be easily checked at any time, check the data of the prisoners, and may correspond to more detailed information in the information management software to ensure accurate identification of each prisoner and related processing.

2, fine recognition

Fine recognition is to deepen and complement the basic recognition. Criminals, criminal suspects, wireless wrist strap offers a variety of color options, the wireless wristbands of different colors to classify different types of prisoners.

Distinguish according to the nature of the offense, such as death row inmates, felons and other prisoners with different colors to distinguish.

Be classified according to the suspect throughout the course of the proceedings in which the state, such as the distinction between Detention, arrest, and the judgment of the prisoners.

The distinction, according to people own characteristics such as high-risk prisoners and other prisoners or prisoners with infectious diseases and common criminals.

Region distinguish based on inmate activities, such as what needs to be involved and not involved in where.

Distinction, according to the status of prisoner’s abnormal behavior such as fighting, gathering, climbing action.

The wristband wireless positioning system need to select the appropriate location and key positions to be deployed as large as quarters, the leaked playground, workplace, lawyers or family interview room, before a judge or taken away from the detention facilities for trial sites, the small door, window, corner, pillars, railings, etc., the use of wireless wristband on prisoners' capacity to accurately identify, locate, prevent errors or exchange. The recognition arrangement, the positioning device, according to the site environment, the design process, antenna gain, design procedures, and other factors may be.

Equipped with a handset, the guards do not need to read the file you can to the details of the prisoners, according to the wireless wristband information retrieval, convenient dormitories time a prisoner out of the automatic registration and transfer to your computer.


2.    Main Function

This system mainly consists of the identity of personnel automatic identification wristband locator, the base station reader and system management software configuration composition.

1. Two positioning identifies a wide range of fuzzy location identification, the identification of small-scale critical areas. Special 1/4 wavelength antenna design, reliable communication distance can be reached in the automatic identification of the different environmental conditions of each wireless wristband range from 0 to 100 m, according to different needs at any time through the locator to identify the scope of adjustment.  

2. One-way information uploaded regularly, proactive monitoring. All prisoners wristband label every 1 second (time adjustable) to the base station locator unsolicited label information to ensure that each prisoner in a modern and efficient means of monitoring the region, providing the greatest degree of supervision of prisoners. Wireless wristband with completely independent intellectual property rights unique patented technology, the service life of more than five years, when the low power of a label, the system can take the initiative to alarm replacement, without having to regularly check one by one.

3. Critical areas of real-time positioning. Installed on the channel and other anchor points through each room in the prison locator, can be real-time automatic tracking the activities of the prisoners, easy real-time control of the whereabouts of prisoners. Room or outdoor activity area, can be implemented through the locators for each wireless wrist strap positioning, the positioning accuracy can be in the room or open area 1-2 m range.

4. Wrist strap tamper alarm. The self-locking wrist strap buckle design, the prisoners themselves unable to be removed, and the wrist strap built-in conductive material to form a loop self-test, once the wristband destruction, the system immediately sends an alarm signal.

5. Abnormal active alarm. Real-time monitoring of irregular behavior, the wristband tag built-in sensor, the conflict between real-time detection of prisoners, fighting, or other misconduct, and issued a specific wireless signal to inform the supervising officer.

6. Where higher system integration. The wireless wrist strap positioning system module can be seamless access to existing prisons in the access control system, and can realize linkage operation and video surveillance systems.

7. Consumer storage capabilities. Wrist strap integrates the 13.56 low-frequency chip cards, card management staff of a variety of consumer information.

8. The multi-tag anti-collision design. Each wireless wristband has a globally unique code, and the corresponding prisoners linked to a single locator can identify the right positioning range in the hundreds of wireless wrist strap, wrist strap does not conflict caused by omission will not be repeated to identify and lead to confusion.

9. Wrist strap according to the ergonomic design, special engineering materials, lightning protection, and waterproof, anti-impact, it is appropriate to skin a long time in direct contact, and at the same time meet the communications needs.

3.  The wristband parameters

Working band: 2.45GMHz the

Modulation: GFSK

Identification distance: 2 - 100m adjustable

Identification speed: 120 km / h

Life span: 1 - 5 years

RF power: <1mw

Operating Temperature: -35 ° C - 85 ° C


4.    The function of Overview

1.     Real-time monitoring of detainees signal within the signal coverage, determine detainees location.

2.     Prison detainees access to certain sensitive and critical areas of real-time positioning alarm tracking.

3.     Quickly identify the identity of personnel close to the cordon perimeter alarm is triggered.

4.     The incident in the prison of the active warning.

5.  Real-time, accurate system intelligence upon to greatly reduce the prison guards work intensity, reduce human error.

6.  Convenient, flexible handheld systems named, at any time in custody information to ensure that the unique identifier error.

7.  Convenient and scientific consumption patterns and flexible means of mobile consumer and accurate statistical reports are consumer worries.

8.  Handheld devices, small-scale real-time monitoring, real-time data return, enhance management convenience, feedback real-time.

9.  The real-time, effective positioning of temporary entry staff, and its basic path of the entire monitor, track retrospective.

10.  Integrated security resources to achieve a comprehensive linkage system with access control, video surveillance, perimeter grid.

11.  a special anti-stress yards to increase the guards to take the initiative to anti-stress ability.

12.  Real-time monitoring and protection of weapons and critical equipment.

13.  Automatic counting to specify the number of people within the region and on duty police officers in the vicinity of


5. System benefits

1. Passive defense system increased for the active defense.

2. Accurate real-time identity unique identifier.

3. To identify reliable, comprehensive monitoring, real-time alarm, without human intervention.

4. When the person in what key areas easily grasp.

5. The abnormal situation of real-time monitoring, tracking, alarm.

6. A timely and effective system response is fast and accurate feedback.

7. The multi-band effective combination of proactive defense + flexible consumption.

8. Air defense, anti-technology, anti-matter combined.

9. Committed to customers, the business of security and meticulous management.

10. Security system, a comprehensive real-time interaction.

11. The majority of occasions, direct replacement for bar codes.

12. The maximum security management and personal safety of detainees.

13. to technology in the real sense to the police to realize the prison administration information.