RFID Railway Container Transport Management system

1.    Introduction

1, the system consists of:

(1) Long-distance reading and writing electronic door seal

Container Number, set the truck number, and other attribute data will be recorded electronic door seal installed in the compartment door switch, use the method with the traditional lock is not very different, just before shipment to a remote reader be sealed action .

(2) GPRS reader

Communication box (near the main door) side compartment doors can add GPS positioning module (if necessary) to install an integrated RFID and GPRS ET7241 2.45G active RFID the GPRS reader for maintaining communications with the electronic door seal and real-time status information send electronic door seal to the background to the monitoring center. The electronic door seal and communication box dismantling of the anti-violence alarm technology: Both devices suffered foreign violence dismantling will take the initiative to issue alarm information to the monitoring center.

(3) Antenna

To ensure that the container tag data read to be installed at the top of the compartments near the reader antenna of an RFID reader to read the installed RFID tag information in the electronic door seal on the inside.  

Origin, shipping finished loading the transport of goods, electronic door blocked container door (press the bolt), and fixed or handheld readers to send a bunch of encrypted instructions to close, be sealed after the success of the electronic door closure tag will take the initiative to back a signal, said electronic door seal has been successfully sealed. During transport of the goods, electronic door seal is kept send status signals to the communication box; communication box with built-in GPRS module will send information to the background monitoring center. If she had a status change, the consignor or the carriers can receive alarm messages and quickly take appropriate measures, background monitoring center will be a complete understanding of the batch of goods, quantity, duty officer and guards, unlock time, etc., if the communication box is loaded with the GPS module, but also know the location of unlocking its take appropriate safety measures have very important significance. After arrival at destination, the consignee received the unlock instructions unlock (unlock instructions used by the monitoring center unified sent or generated in each terminal according to a public key system).


2.    Main Function

A. System functions

Tracking: electronic door seal installed in a container of logistics on the way to track management.

Query: query the container at any time (such as access to the station, time, number, container number and other relevant data, information, etc.).

Review: You can modify the basic information on the label corresponding container.

Delete: delete the container to complete the transport task.

B. System features:

1) Tag with the container flow, the working environment is relatively poor: high temperature, high humidity, acid corrosion, vibration, etc.;

(2) Container moving faster, and require the ability to identify high-speed moving objects;

(3) Container Number is the unique identity of the container, but also uniquely identifies the object of the container transport management requires accurate identification box number.

Long-distance: effective identification distance is 2 ~ 50m identification distance is adjustable.

Anti-collision: The advanced anti-collision technology can also identify the 50 / s identified above.

Speed: the highest recognition rate up to 200 km / h.

Security: embedded GPRS wireless communication module, real-time understanding of the cargo transport situation, the first time informed that the abnormal conditions; encryption algorithm and authentication to ensure data security to prevent the crack of the link eavesdropping and data.

Directional: the reader to effectively identify within the electronic blockade placed the direction has no effect on the recognition rate.

High reliability: -40 ℃ -85 ℃, and shock.

Cost: All the 0.18uM chips at lower cost.

Power consumption: ultra-low power consumption, healthier, and safer.

Transmission: the global open ISM microwave band, no need to apply and pay.

High noise immunity: no special requirements on-site a variety of sources of interference

(1) RFID has a strong environmental adaptability, strong anti-jamming capability, you can use all-weather, almost free from the impact of pollution and humidity.

(2) The identification speed, high recognition accuracy

(3) RFID has a large information capacity, high security, durability, high reliability, multi-target recognition and other features.

RFID, these features make it the best choice of the container of automatic identification technology.

The ET7241 2.45G active GPRS within the reader with integrated GPRS module, the data processing can be sent via GPRS to enhance the reader space for development. The ET7241 reader enjoys jamming and lightning protection design, both for the general living environment, can also be used for the safety of the structure of the industrial environment, a variety of electronic tags can easily "read" operation, fully meet the general needs of the customers of RFID products.

C. System software features  

Simple operation

Integration of wireless monitoring structural design, convenient installation

Full Chinese menu of the software, has a good user interface

System-wide electronic data centralized management of large amounts of data to find the work done by the server, greatly enhance the speed of response to the event.

Active identification card built-in replaceable lithium battery, long life, low power consumption, no external power supply without charge.

.Query and reporting capabilities

Query and report output, the print function is simple and easy to operate

Query information on a variety of food

Follow-up observations of a particular container

Requirements can output a variety of information statements (such as: container transport departure time, how state when and where the arrival time, etc.)