RFID Fixed Assets management system

1.  Introduction

Fixed assets management system is based on the physical management features to make things simple for the purpose of utility management software. Kind of fixed asset management system for the management of fixed assets and financial accounts are inconsistent, the use of RF technology for enterprises to solve problems, and enable enterprises to manage an orderly, consistent with the account book.

Computationally cumbersome for depreciation of fixed assets, the use of the average depreciation method, and the speedy completion of the depreciation of fixed assets and calculate the results were accurate. The use of efficient data transmission technology, the unique concept of rights management, business leaders sitting in the office will be able to understand the overall situation of all fixed assets of the enterprise.

Past dozens of people need to spend a few months’ time asset inventory work, few people spend a few days you can easily complete; original cumbersome calculation of depreciation need to spend a few days, and now a few seconds can accurately completed; turned out a lot of repeat purchase with a large number of idle waste of timely now been resolved, so that enterprises truly realize the principle of austerity.

Fixed asset management is an important part of business management, fixed assets with high value, long life cycle, and difficult to manage. To solve these problems, the use of computers and RF data collection technology, information management in order to achieve the fixed assets.

1) Strong practical function;

2) Advanced RF technology management;

3) Efficient network and remote data transmission;

4) Rights management;

5) User-friendly interface, easy to learn.  


2. Main Function

1) a powerful and practical features: fixed assets management system including asset increase, change, obsolescence, damage, depreciation, loan, restitution, assign the user departments, user departments to change management settings, asset swap between departments, a variety of reports printing, combined query. For each piece of fixed assets can check out the assets acquired, recorded, and put into use, user departments, depreciation, and even quit using all the information detailed record. The dynamic query function can ensure that the management staff for the first time to obtain comprehensive information on, bulk depreciation of assets can reduce duplication and to ensure the accuracy of the data. Automatic reporting to print quickly and accurately, you can save a lot of the time of manual preparation of the statements. Fixed Assets Management System will be the original decentralized management information together, the combination of an overall function of the management platform.

2) advanced RF card: a newly acquired assets related data entered into the computer later, will be in accordance with the appropriate software, the information is written to the RF card, RF card user-set, including the name of the fixed assets date of acquisition, custody of the contents of the (department).RF card will be posted on the kind of fixed assets, both obvious distinction between the use of fixed assets department, and gave the inventory to bring great convenience, the inventory without going through the record assets coding, check books inventory, simply by ET7901 UHF RFID GPRS reader, fixed assets on the RFID card reader, the information is automatically stored in the card reader.

ET7902 UHF RFID GPRS handset and supermarkets similar to, but there are different, this handset is battery-powered, do not electrically connected to the inventory can easily carry anywhere, for mutual verification. read into the information stored in the handset. The handset can store nearly 20,000 fixed assets, coding, inventory speed increased by 90% or more and also avoid duplication of inventory or the wrong disk. Handheld with your computer after the end of the read into the RFID card information through a computer connection, rapid access to the actual situation of the assets, asset gains and losses and other changes can be immediately found by combining query.

3) Efficient data transmission: fixed assets management system not only in the native query fixed assets, but also through the internal network (Intranet) and the Internet (the Internet), two-way transmission, so all kinds of information and data at the same time, other users to share.

4) Unique rights management: in the fixed asset management system to fully take into account the different responsibilities of each operator for each operator to develop a corresponding authority to operate through the user's identity and password identification to ensure that the different operators only limited operation can be carried out within the scope of their duties. This will ensure the fixity of the system, but also to have some flexibility to enhance adaptive capacity.

5) user-friendly interface, easy to learn: the style of the Windows interface, user-friendly to use, and transported to the style of the directory tree in Windows, the user department on the lower level attribution, asset categories and content relations at a glance. A lot of features prompt so that users can successfully require step by step completing the corresponding work, reasonable menu layout make the user can easily find out what they want to carry out the operation. A lot of data in the form of reports and graphs, allowing users to more easily understand and accept. For personnel engaged in the management of fixed assets only need to master the basic knowledge of computer use and carefully read the operating instructions to master the general operation of the system in the short term.