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RFID nursing home management system

1.    Introduction

Faced with an increasingly large group of elderly people, the needs of the elderly population growth caused by their clothing, food, shelter, medical care, mental consumption, and other aspects of nursing home safety management system is imperative. Mainly nursing homes for the elderly collective living, and has a garden, fitness areas, entertainment, leisure facilities and full service facilities. Places relatively wide area, service personnel cannot take into account the position of the elderly, the safety of the elderly to the manager brought a lot of difficulty. Because older people as young as the action is convenient, there are a lot of security risks. The children will be deeply concerned for the elderly living in nursing homes. Application of RFID nursing home management system that can effectively solve and improve a variety of issues.  

RFID (radio frequency identification) in the nursing home management system can help the nursing staff through the effective RFID modern information management system implementation, and improve work efficiency, elderly nursing home can be a real-time tracking and positioning, timely handling of emergency situation to facilitate the life of the elderly, to provide effective protection for the health and safety of the lives of elderly nursing home and comfortable life.

The entire RFID in the nursing home management system flow chart as shown above, of course, the design of an optimal solution for the specific needs of users, from experienced professionals carefully planned and designed.


2.    Main Function

A. fast and accurate response

Carry out rapid and accurate identification of the identity of the elderly and information at any time, from the elderly to stay at the beginning, they begin to be distributed to the elderly wristband tag, label, record the health of the elderly patient information, etc., will continue later in the life of the nursing home real-time record the number of living conditions, and provide timely location and status information. Wristband label is easy to operate, the elderly can be completely convenient to use.

B. personnel location and tracking capabilities

The management staff at any time can acquire information on the activities of old people, in time to avoid security risks. Improve the efficiency of the management staff, to ensure the safety of old people nursing home. Wristband send a message to the region where the reader can be intermittent, their computer system management center to send timely information of the elderly have not uploaded to the computer management system, an alarm to remind staff can view the elderly in the previous phase of activity trajectory, in a timely manner to deal with emergency situations. The elderly at all times by staff caring anywhere.

C. Backstage personnel management, the query function

Manage software can add, modify, simple operation, easy to use. It can query the location of the old people's activities at any time, the statistical law of motion table, convenient for managers to arrange for appropriate recreational activities. It can also press the name and gender of the elderly, to quickly find the location of the elderly for the visit, to bring the convenience to visit. It can easily print the report.

D. the emergency call SOS function

Elderly people need help, simply press the emergency call button on the wristband, nurses can be based on accurate positioning information, fast response, timely and accurately find the elderly, and help to the elderly. If it is a disease state for the elderly, the system according to the situation quickly bring up the cases of the elderly and health records, and records of life to timely provide information for this contingency.

E. video surveillance, the linkage function

When unexpected situation occurs, the accurate positioning, location, start SOS alarm function, and then the system can be activated video surveillance system to control the corresponding region of the camera to switch to the specified fixed-point, monitoring the site screen, provide managers with accurate can be depending on the information.

Special needs to do the appropriate settings

Nursing home may have a specific situation, the elderly require special care, the background management system software can be a separate setting to limit the scope of activities and living conditions of the elderly, more thoughtful, considerate service for the elderly.

F. the device safe and durable:

Equipment failure rate is small, the interference is strong, easy to operate, rights management, encryption and no radiation effect on the human body.

G. To achieve scientific management, enhance the management level:

RFID and management application, you can replace the original artificial management, to provide efficient, accurate and rich information intelligence management, to improve the efficiency of the staff. Greatly enhance the management level of the nursing home, to improve the image of nursing homes, reducing the cost of ownership, achieve a sound scientific modern management.

H. the overall protection and services for the elderly

The application of nursing intelligence management, health and safety for the life of the elderly to provide effective protection to provide a convenient and secure services for the elderly living in nursing homes. For the elderly to live in comfortable, family safety and health of the elderly with complete confidence.