Fire prevention alarm system
1.    introduction

Fire prevention alarm system consists of fire prevention controller and ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM, when there is fire alarm happen, fire alarm controller will turn the I/O port as high lever, FAM detect the High Level, then send SMS alarm message.


2.    Function

Fire alarm:

When detect fire alarm, FAM will ring the alarm center, then send SMS for alarm detail.

Alarm clear message

When the fire alarm return to normal value, FAM will send SMS alarm clear message, inform user the alarm clear.

Power failure alarm:

If city power have been cut down, FAM will send SMS alarm message. ET8610 FAM built-in lithium battery, even there is no power, it still can continue to work and send SMS Report City power anomaly.

Sound and light alarm:

If there is alarm happen, the system may be sound and light alarm.

Remote control:

FAM support relay output, user can remote control relay ON/OFF by SMS command.