GPRS/SMS Security Solution

GPRS/SMS Security system composed ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM and variety of security sensors, the system provide real-time monitoring of temperature, smoke, doors and windows, and it can remotely open and close door via SMS, it enhance the indoor efficient security.

IR Monitoring

there is infrared alarm detector that monitor the active of room, when the SMS FAM is in working condition, if there is indoor activities, FAM will automatically send alarm SMS.

Temperature Monitor

ET8610 SMS FAM embedded temperature sensor, when the temperature exceeds the set range, send alarm messages.

Smoking Monitor

There is smoking detector, when the smoke concentration exceeds a certain range, FAM will send alarm messages.

Window monitor

There is door magnetic sensor; when the doors and windows have been illegally opened, FAM will send alarm messages.

Shock Monitor

It used to monitor the outdoor equipment, such as air conditioners, when the outdoor equipment shock, FAM will send alarm messages.

Sound and light Siren

There is high-consumption sound and light siren, when the alarm generated, it will make alarm sounds and flashing lights.