Refrigerator Room Temperature Monitor System

1.    Introduction

Refrigerator room temperature remote monitor system consists of temperature sensors and ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM, through monitoring the temperature sensor state, when the temperature exceeds the upper and lower limits, FAM will send SMS alarm message or send alarm data by GPRS.


2.    Function

Over-temperature alarm:

Refrigerator temperature is above or below pre-set upper limit lower limit. It can be set to 0-99 seconds of delay; if the current temperature continuously exceeded the temperature for more than delay, FAM will send alarm message.

Temperature alarm clear message

When the temperature alarm return to normal value, FAM will send SMS alarm clear message, inform user the alarm clear.

Power failure alarm:

If the Refrigerator power was failure, FAM will send alarm SMS. ET8610 FAM built-in lithium battery, even there is no power, it still can continue to work and send SMS Report City power anomaly.

Sound and light alarm:

Refrigerator is no power, or over temperature, it may be sound and light alarm.

Remote control:

FAM support relay output, user can remote control relay ON/OFF by SMS command.

System Expansion:

In addition to detection of cold temperatures, if we choose the appropriate sensing device, it can detect circuit current and voltage, light intensity, fluid pressure, gas concentrations, UPS monitoring; fire monitoring, leakage monitoring, intrusion and anti-theft Alarm.