Leakage Power Protector GPRS/SMS Solution

Measured value monitoring

Measurement feedback (state collection): use SMS query leakage power protector current measurement parameters, including the leakage current value, voltage value and three-phase leakage current value.

State Value Monitor

Action feedback: Once the occurrence of leakage power protector action, immediately send SMS for the result, including ① the closing action feedback ② leakage power tripping action ③voltage leakage tripping action feedback ④ over current tripping action

Remote Configuration

Set action values: Using SMS Remote set value leakage protector actions, including the residual operating current value, over the value and liquidity for current trip switch on motor control.

Control Center Management Platform

Multi-point leakage power protector for centralized control, with the action log and the feedback log function.

Responsible Person

Governed by the leakage power protection of human visual alarm or measurement data.