Seawater corrosion remote monitoring system

1. General

Seawater has a strong corrosive electrolyte, offshore steel structures in a corrosive environment of the ocean, and the damage is very large. Corrosion problems of the marine environment is one of the important issues of marine development goes hand in hand. Worldwide each year due to corrosion caused economic losses of 12 billion to $ 00 billion in 6000, accounting for 2% to 4% of the national gross national product and is integrated natural disasters (earthquakes, typhoons, floods, etc.) the sum of the loss times. Due to the special nature of the marine environment corrosion, the harm caused by: a huge waste of resources, materials and indirect energy; significantly shorten the service life of materials; severe accident risks may cause personal injury or death, and huge economic losses; pollution of the sea environment. Steel structure for its excellent physical, mechanical and construction performance, more widely used in the harbor works, marine steel corrosion status monitoring is to ensure the normal operation of the harbor works and eliminate security risks, reduce or even eliminate accidents one of the important work, so it is very important.

Corrosion monitoring is an important part of the marine steel corrosion, but a long time has not received enough attention. In recent years, China's offshore steel corrosion problems have become increasingly prominent, corrosion serious economic losses and even make people more sense of the thorny security incidents. When people are trying to find an effective way of anti-corrosion, corrosion monitoring as the basic work of the anti-corrosion attention. The Marine Corrosion is a gradual process, routine testing due to the discontinuity in time, the alarm is not timely. Continuous automatic monitoring corrosion in order to fundamentally solve this problem.

Shenzhen eTel Technology Co., Ltd. based on GPRS of seawater corrosion remote monitoring system which great help to solve this problem.

With the development of wireless communication technology, provide a strong technical support for corrosion monitoring. GPRS greatly reduce the cost of network construction and high reliability, wide network coverage, easy distribution, expansion, the network quickly, and low maintenance costs. Through the GPRS service, the data terminal equipment via a mobile wireless communication network connected to the host for data exchange. GPRS-based corrosion monitoring system mainly consists of three parts: the telemetry station data collection terminal, the monitoring center, GPRS transmission network.


2. Feature

GPRS intelligent remote telemetry system principle is: Monitoring center computer through the wireless communication module, with the help of GPRS transmission network to the data the collection terminal ET8611GPRS/SMS FAM alarm controller (hereinafter referred to as ET8611) issued reading instruction. In accordance with the instructions of the monitoring center, ET8611 indicates the intelligent potential measurement module for real-time potential measurement and the results are then returned via GPRS transmission network monitoring center. The main functions of the system are summed up in:

(1) data receiving and processing: receive real-time telemetry point steel pipe pile protection potential and reasonable judgment;

(2) answering queries: timed or manually query the catholic protection of steel pipe piles;

(3) database management: the original, the formation of the historical database, retrieval, query;

(4) Data output: monitors, printers, plotters, and other equipment output potential charts;

(5) networking communication: multi-computer communication. Subjected to strong electromagnetic interference, the system can automatically resume normal work, reduce user maintenance

Monitoring Center

Monitoring center consist of data center servers, connect internet via ADSL or leased line, data center with multiple servers, including database, B / S server, C / S server, access server.


Data CollectTermnial

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM alarm controller provide data tunnel for remote device monitoring, control, remote meter reading applications. It can be provided by China Mobile Corporation GPRS network for data transmission, short message (SMS) can also be used for data transmission as well. Users can choose according to the actual situation GPRS channels or SMS channel, and can switch between two channels.

Wireless sensor needs to be installed at each measuring point, were collected to protect the information of potential. 433MHz wireless network to communicate with the ET8611, the measurement results are transmitted to the ET8611, via ET8611 transmitted through a wireless network to data monitoring center.

Main Hardware device


ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM (Fixed Asset Monitoring) is an enhanced GPRS/SMS messenger (GPRS or CDMA service optional) which integrated with I/O port, RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), Relay, Sensor functions, it has more I/O ports than ET8610, which can help people to monitoring,  control,SMS alarm the remote devices.

ET8611 GPRS/SMS FAM main application filed is Power grid automatization, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, finance, Basic Environment protecting, colliery, Oil field etc., especially, apply in security, remote control. Implement transparent data transmission over GPRS/SMS network.


 eTel FAM cloud management platform is based on current demand for centralized monitoring and management of GPRSFAM to developed centralized management platform, the system provide remote data acquisition, remote control .It make all the FAM, user equipment and sensorsfully integrated, centralized monitoring and management, and it can display the operational status of each device, alarm information, current sensor status, maximizing user-friendly remote control device.

eTelFAM management platform let users just monitor all the FAM in the control centers, the system show FAM location on GOOGLE map, if there is alarm happen, the system will immediately locate FAM on GOOGLE map, and show red color logo flash and alarm content on FAM. It’s user-friendly, fast and accurate processing of alarm status.

FAM cloud management platform supports both C/S (Client/Server) and B/S (Browser/Server, Web-based) structure; users can simultaneously through the PC, MID, cellphone to access.

Data Monitoring Centre (C/S):

Base on windows PC, through client software Famer, direct access to the data center server, 7 * 24-hour run. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., it's suitable for data monitoring center.

User PC (B/S):

User PC is able to directly through any browser to access the cloud management platform WEB address, remote query/the control the belongs FAM. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc., also we can use Famer client software (C/S) direct access to the data center.

Tablet PC and mobile phone (B/S):
Users of tablet PCs and mobile phones (including IOS and Android system), can be directly through any browser to access cloud systems management platform web address, remotely query/control belongs FAM. Support FAM remote control, parameter setting, status query, remote photograph, LED issue, Add/Remove FAM, add/delete users, user authorization, statistics report etc.,it’s suitable for end-user control belongs FAM at any time.

 Seawater corrosion remote monitoring system integrated with state-of-the-art wireless mobile communication technology and computer technology to achieve the remote monitoring of marine steel corrosion, corrosion in steel structure, marine disaster early warning system provides technical support, promotion of high value to the field of disaster monitoring corrosion in the National Marine Steel Structure engineering.