Pipeline Hydraulic Remote Control System

1.    Introduction

Pipeline Hydraulic remote control system consists of water pressure sensor and ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM, through the water pressure sensor value, when there is no pressure on the sensor, FAM will send SMS alarm message.


2.    Introduction

Water pressure Alarm:

When the water level higher than pre-set upper limit or below the lower limit, FAM will send alarm message.

Alarm clear message

When the water level return to normal, FAM will send GPRS/SMS alarm clear message, inform user the alarm clear.

SMS Query:

User can send GPRS/SMS to FAM that query current water level status.

Remote control:

FAM support relay output, user can remote control relay ON/OFF by GPRS/SMS command.

Solar power systems:

Just add solar panels, charge controllers and battery, FAM can use solar power.