Water Level GPRS/SMS Alarm Solution

1.    Introduction

Water level GPRS/SMS alarm system consists of water float level sensor and ET8610 GPRS/SMS FAM, through the float water level status, when the water level exceed the limit, FAM will send SMS alarm message or send data by GPRS.


2.    Function

Water Level Alarm:

When the pressure exceeds a specified value or no water pressureFAM will send alarm messages.

Alarm clear message

When the water pressure return to normal, FAM will send SMS alarm clear message, inform user the alarm clear.

SMS Query:

User can send SMS to FAM that query current water pressure status.

Remote control:

FAM support relay output, user can remote control relay ON/OFF by SMS command.

Solar power systems:

Just add solar panels, charge controllers and battery, FAM can use solar power.