Unattended Machine Room GPRS/SMS Alarm Solution

UPS monitoring:

Connection: FAM via the data cable to connect the UPS dry contactor, powered by the UPS.

SMS Alarm: When the UPS occurs the following problems, it will send SMS alarm: ① City power anomaly, UPS switch to battery; ② UPS low battery, the battery will run out; ③ UPS communications lost or cut off the load power; ④ UPS equipment needs a new battery; ⑤ UPS equipment began to bypass the work; ⑥ UPS fault occurs is unknown.

SMS control: send SMS command, to close or open the UPS (optional feature)

Status check: send SMS command to check the current status of UPS.

Temperature and humidity monitoring:

Install temperature and humidity sensors; when the temperature exceeds the set range, FAM will send alarm SMS.

Smoking monitoring:

Install smoking sensors; when the smoke concentration exceeds a certain range, send SMS alarm message.

Doors and window monitor:

Install door magnetic sensor; when the doors and windows have been illegally opened, send SMS alarm messages.

Management Control Center:

If you to centralized monitor of each room, you need SMS alert management platform; this way, you can use the management center software to control all of FAM and monitor the machine room.