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Newly Release----ET7000 RFID Series Products

July 2011, after nearly eTel R&D term efforts, eTel was released ET7000 RFID series product on July 28, 2011, ET7000 series product compatible with all ET8610 FAM functions, and optional support for GPRS, it use NVRAM to save TAG data, even if transmission via GPRS, data will never lost.

ET7000 RFID products include the following types:

ET7131 13.45Mhz HF RFID GPRS / SMS Reader
ET7241 2.4G Active RFID GPRS / SMS Reader
ET7901 900Mhz UHF GPRS / SMS RFID Reader
ET7130 13.45Mhz HF RFID Reader
ET7240 2.4G Active RFID Reader
ET7900 900Mhz UHF RFID Reader

More product information please check product page.